Qualifying begins: 20 June

The Draw: 24 June

Pre-event Press Conferences: 25 & 26 June

Order of Play: 26 June

Championships begin: 27 June

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Thursday 30 August 2012
20:17 PM BST

Sony captures a 3D 'Viewpoint' of The Championships 2012

This October, tennis fans will be able to experience a stunning new perspective of The Championships at Wimbledon, thanks to the introduction of a state of the art 3D film by Sony entitled ‘Viewpoint’ to Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum.

Viewpoint, which gives a rare and exciting insight into the factors that contribute to making The Championships so special, was produced during this year’s tournament and will be an awe-inspiring development for the Museum.

Skilfully orientated around the final game of The Championships, this unique cinematic experience captures the sights, sounds and people of Wimbledon through its split narrative. The film opens on Centre Court during the final game of the tournament, focusing on the players in action. The audience is then seamlessly led from this central scene to the world of some of the rich characters that make The Championships the magnificent occasion that it is.

The narratives of these characters offer the audience a truly exceptional view into the traditions, innovation, stories, excitement and living history at Wimbledon; with the stories of the Ball Boys and Girls, Groundsmen and the Fans featured.

The film focuses on three different perspectives, one of the players, the second of the Groundsmen and the third follows the Trainer as she leads her new Ball Boy and Girl recruits through the rigorous training programme.

Weaving characters stories together to build a picture of what goes on behind the scenes, the film’s seamless transitions and compelling narrative introduces the audience to the often hidden heroes of The Championships; innovative cinematography that uses 3D technology to allow the filmmakers to masterfully captivate the visual climaxes of the film.

This new cinematic technique zooms in and out of time and space itself, in a multitude of directions, seamlessly interlinking the people and places that make the day so uniquely special.

Ashley Jones, Commercial Manager of the Museum said of the new film, “The new film is an opportunity for us to offer tennis fans around the world a fully immersive cinematic experience that depicts a day at Wimbledon like never before. It will engross audiences and offer something new, while remaining true to the spirit of Wimbledon, honouring the traditions and history that make it special. We’re also able to offer visitors a perfect complement to the Tour, giving a visual representation of The Championships to counterpoint the commentary which guides give as they lead visitors around the Grounds. It will be a truly remarkable addition to the Museum.”